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To the memory of Lou Taylor— a wise man, a savvy trader, and a true friend. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. To check for alternative titles or spellings.You need to log in or create an account to create this page.

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Alexander elder, M.D., is a professional trader and a teacher of traders. His books, including The New Trading for a Living are international bestsellers among private and institutional traders, translated into 17 languages. Dr Elder was trained as a psychiatrist and served on the faculty of Columbia University. Now he is a full-time trader who shares his hard-earned lessons with his students. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences in the US and abroad.

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The system was developed by Dr. Alexander Elder in 1985. Many traders adopt a single screen or indicator that they apply to each and every trade. Dr. Alexander Elder left the stable profession of medicine to become a professional trader and a teacher of traders. According to Dr. Alexander Elder, the single most important factor that will dictate your profitability is the quality of the records that you keep.


Dr. Alexander Elder has a high net worth and is expected to increase. We constantly upload paid courses and books, almost on a daily basis. Being an aspect of active management, stands in contradiction to much of modern portfolio theory. Dr. Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn are co-directors of SpikeTrade. They provide a rich stream of market commentary and educational features, answer questions from Members and share their own trades.

Sistema Elder Impulse

The content of this website must not be construed as personal advice. We recommend that you seek advice from an independent financial advisor. Sign up for our Risk Free Demo Account to practise trading. Naturally, the longer timeframe will identify the bigger trend.

For example, if your trading timeframe of choice is Daily, your long-term timeline would be Weekly. To go along with the three-screen short to long chart setup, you will also want to place the preferred technical indicators on each chart. For example, anoscillating indicatormay be ideal on the Medium chart, as this indicator is ideal for both following the trend and momentum. Use it to see for yourself how the Elder Impulse System works. Make sure you know the strategy well and have practiced it thoroughly before you move on to trading actual currency. Even then, remember that you most likely will face losses.


For this example, we’re going to use as the first screen the daily chart. According to Alex Elder trading rules, the best moment to buy is when an uptrend has undergone a pullback and has started to resume the bullish trend. The third Screen is used for timing your entries using short-term breakouts in the direction of your trading bias. As the name of the Elder trading system suggests there are three “screens” that we apply to every trade.

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Well, that is something only you can answer based on your own opinion and understanding of wealth. As with many things in life, perceptions amongst individuals are always varied based on their own standards and experiences. You should never trade money that you cannot afford to lose.

  • He earned his millionaire status by creating and adopting a triple screen trading system.
  • This is the step where you decide that trading is what you need to do.
  • For example, if your first screen is the daily chart and we downgrade our time frame by a factor of 6, the next time frame would be the 4-hour chart.
  • The Impulse System is based on two indicators, a 13-day exponential moving average and the MACD-Histogram.

Now, there is one more concept that Dr. Alexander Elder has taught in his book, Trading for a Living. For example, if the weekly tide is up, then we’re looking for the oscillator to identify when the wave is down and that’s when we buy. On the other hand, if the weekly tide is down, then we’re looking for the oscillator to identify when the wave is up and that’s when we sell. Quotes are added by the Goodreads community and are not verified by Goodreads. Take your trading to the next level by joining Dr. Elder’s private webinars, or watch professionally produced videos with Dr. Elder and other masters.

Combine EditionsAlexander Elder’s books

He earned his millionaire status by creating and adopting a triple screen trading system. Dr. Alexander Elder is a professional trader based in New York City. The Elder Impulse System was designed by Alexander Elder and featured in his book, Come Into My Trading Room.

When the trend on the third screen aligns with the trend of the first screen that’s the optimal trade entry. To time your trades, Alexander Elder uses a trailing stop in order to seize small breakout in the direction of the main trend. The short-term trend – it’s also referred to as the ripple. The Alexander Elder trading strategy also known as the Triple Screen trading system was revealed to the general public in the Trading for a Living Alexander Elder book. Let’s get started with an introduction to the Alexander Elder trading strategy.

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If you think a bull flag is taking shape or support from a Fibonacci retracement is near, the Impulse System can be used to identify a short-term reversal for confirmation. Based on two indicators, the 13-dayexponential moving average andMACD-Histogram, the goal is to use a mix of these two indicators in order to identify impulses to trade from. Of course, it is very relevant to mention that success is defined differently by everyone. The famous system invented by Alexander Elder consists of two indicators.

Then multiply it by five and you will get a long-term time frame. If the first screen used the daily chart, the next in line time frame is the 4-hour chart. The Triple Screen trading strategy blended together multiple indicators like the MACD indicator and the Force index to identify entry points. Now, to find your execution screen aka the third screen, we have to downgrade our time frames lower one more time.

And, for this purpose, the 200-day moving average, which is the standard measurement of bullish and bearish trends, will be our trend filter. SpikeTrade is a community of traders, led by Dr. Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn. We focus on swing trading and day-trading, using multiple trading strategies and tactics, such as trend trading, countertrend trading, breakouts and reversals.

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You can find the lessons of this video especially useful in the current market environment. This is the next best thing to spending a week in a Traders’ Camp, as a member of a small group of serious traders, learning from the best at a tropical resort. For example, an exponential moving average can be added as an overlay or MACD can be added as an indicator. Click here for a live example of the Elder Impulse System. In the daily chart above, we are using the MACD indicator to show us the weekly trend.

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Alex and Kerry post a nightly New High – New Low report, a weekly SpikeSpeak review with their own trade diaries. In the harsh world of trading there exists an island of intelligence, kindness and sharing – SpikeTrade. Our members help each other become better traders by sharing trading ideas and other information.

Your ability to open a DTTW trading office or join one of our trading offices is subject to the laws and regulations in force in your jurisdiction. Due to current legal and regulatory requirements, United States citizens or residents are currently unable to open a trading office with us. This should be someone who has been in the business for a number of years.


Some trading platforms have the Elder Impulse System implemented as an indicator that is coloring the price bars, so you have green, red, and grey bars. Dr. Alexander Elder continues to trade and is a sought-after speaker at conferences in the US and abroad. He has written a string of books and has received a number of awards.

  • You are also welcome to earn credits by submitting your own picks if you like.
  • The Elder Impulse System owes its name to the man who was a creator of it.
  • On the other hand, if the weekly tide is down, then we’re looking for the oscillator to identify when the wave is up and that’s when we sell.
  • Continue reading to learn more about this well-known trader.

With lot of social media fan he often posts many personal photos and videos to interact with her huge fan base social media plateform. Please scroll down to see information about Alexander Elder Social media profiles. In addition to trading setups, the Elder Impulse System can be used to prevent bad trades by consulting it before entering a trade. Use the Impulse System to confirm bullish or bearish setups. Traders can ignore bullish setups when the Impulse System is not in full-blown bull mode and ignore bearish signals when the system is not in full-blown bear mode . The impulse system can also be used to anticipate patterns or reversals.

Forex trading on Olymp Trade Maintaining discipline while trading is an important aspect of successful trading. Having a good trading strategy ensures that you remain disciplined and stick to your… It is possible to use the Elder Impulse strategy at any time frame, but it ought to keep up with the bigger trend.

However, we can only improve our trading strategy only if we learn from both winning and losing trades. Check if the price is trading above the 200-day moving average to confirm the uptrend. Inversely, if the trend is down, we only look for sell signals.