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That’s not to say you can’t metal detect anywhere you want, but if you stick to the above locations, you won’t get in trouble for any legal reasons. Believe it or not, there’s plenty of metal detectors out there that can’t even do the very thing they are designed to do, and some break within a matter of a month or two. It’s a nice passing time and it’s a lot of fun!

The Coinmaster also comes with a water-resistant housing box and target ID. This detector uses 2, 9-volt batteries and has 9-inch silent search coils. This high-quality detector from White’s comes with an adjustable length stem that goes from 46″ to 51″ and is made of a sturdy all metal design. This detector is also water resistant and can get submerged as deep as two feet into the water.

Purist beach detectorists will argue that the best time to find goodies on a beach is after a storm. • Smaller Search coils: Great for “trashy” areas, really allowing you to sift through pull tabs and gold rings.

With a small coil, you may miss things if you are sweeping too quickly, however, a larger coil can reduce this issue. • Custom Notching – Similar to discrimination, notching allows you to filter out unwanted results. • Headphones – Many people also prefer for others not to know what metal they are picking up, so using a set of headphones can help you keep all your business to yourself. The discriminator can also be set up to ignore the signals that are received from junk metals like aluminum and steel, which allows you to focus on more valuable metals like silver and gold.

In addition, this device features a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. This device is weatherproof and includes several features for optimal ease of use. In addition, the device features a padded armrest for comfortable detection.

Considering Minelab had the beginner in mind when they designed and created the metal detector I do believe they overcomplicated it. I personally think for a beginner this metal detector is probably a little complex.

Generally underwater models are heavier so a detector that’s easy to handle in the water might be difficult to take around over ground. The other type of option available is the type of detector that has a waterproof coil but can’t be fully submerged in the water. A: When it comes to the two types of metal detector the main difference in terms of being waterproof is that one deals with the being in saltwater a lot better than the other. Due to these factors there are a few key areas to check before you make your decision but in regards of how they operate, you can defiantly use a waterproof metal detector on land. If you want to use the metal detector out of the water then you also want to make sure that it’s not going to be too heavy to use.

I wish I could give you a definite answer.  There are so many metal detector companies with everyone having their own personal preference.  White’s, Garrett’s, Minelab, Makro, Fisher, Nokta, Teknetics to name some of the main ones. The best metal detector can be an inexpensive model, if you know how to use it correctly.

We keep the site up to date, giving you more insight into which products are better and newer so you can go treasurehunting knowing you got the right detector. We spend hours on research, looking at metal dectector reviews, product specifications, and more. Either way, metal detectorists want to get their hands on the best equipment for the job.

Other features include an adjustable aluminum shaft, auto ground balance, a notch function, and microprocessor. It also comes with a sifter and a shovel making grabbing your treasure a lot easier. Its waterproof design makes sure it operates in all weather conditions. You won’t miss much as its detection reaches 12 inches under the ground. Their version comes with a pinpointing function,3 detection modes, 4 sensitivity levels, and can collapse to 22 inches.

Along the same lines as mineralized ground are these pesky little things known as hot rocks. Before discussing the various types of gold detectors on the market, let’s first evaluate the main challenges that a gold hunter will have to deal with. It also determines the minimum sound level for pinpointing targets, including deep targets in discriminate mode.

If you turn your sensitivity higher, the detector will search at lower depths. The two words you will encounter most as you are looking at metal detectors are sensitivity and discrimination, as I mentioned earlier. You could also choose metal detectors with knobs where you manually set the discrimination and sensitivity. The two main features are sensitivity and discrimination, and these are crucial because they determine how successful you will be in finding coins, jewelry, gold, or relics. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to explore how you can best determine what’s a good metal detector to purchase at a value price.